Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Works in Progress Wednesday - November 23, 2011

Not a whole lot of sewing going on right now. I'm still not 100% and my wonderful sewing machine is getting a tune up. I'll be getting her back today though - yay!

It's a good thing too because I started my list of gifts or holiday things I'd like to make and it's getting long. I think I'm going to have to prioritize or push Christmas back. ;)

The sensational Shanna @ Sparrow In Flight is hosting TGIFF! this Friday. I hope you come check out the beautiful finishes and link up one of your own, if you have one. Check out the TGIF Friday! site for more details.

New and Completed Project: One little mug rug

Current Projects:
Millennium Rail Fence

Millennium Rail Fence - I shared a bit about this project this week and where it went oh-so-wrong or at least not where I expected it to go. I got some great ideas from people -- thank you! I love hearing how different people would approach the same problem or challenge. I think I know what I want to do with it so I'm moving it to the Current Project list.

Stained Glass Lillies
Stained Glass Lillies - Some good progress this week on this reverse hand applique project since I haven't had much energy to do anything else and the machine is in the shop. Finished the lower right hand corner - yay! Here it is all wrinkly and still with the glue dots.

Red and Tan Amish Wedding Ring
Tangled Garden
Spiral/Spring seta colour

UFOs that may one day get finished, but really who knows?
Chop Suey
Wedding quilt
Linus quilt
Nine patch colourwash

WIP Wednesday Recap:
New project: 1
Current projects: 3
Completed project: 1
On Hold: 10
UFOs: 4

Thanks for stopping by! I'm linking in to WIP Wednesday at The Needle and Thread Network and to W.i.P. Wednesday at Freshly Pieced. Let's go check out the fun stuff going on over there.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love the reverse applique...have always love stained looks just the same; amazing how these things are done; isn't it....

  2. Pretty mug rug ... I can totally relate to the list of Christmas things to make ... my list keeps growing too. At least it is only November !!

  3. Cute mug rug!!! Sorry you aren't feeling well!! I hope you feel better soon!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Very cute mug rug and I love your lilies , that will look fantastic .

  5. I really like that mug rug! It's so adorable. The gold sparkles on the tree make it look already decorated.

  6. I gotta make me a cute mug rug. I like that hand work, looking good!

  7. I think that stained glass quilt will be amazing. glad to know that i'm not the only one with so many projects on the go at once.

  8. thanks for stopping by is snowing like crazy here.....

  9. That stained glass quilt looks gorgeous!

  10. nice little mug rug, and I'm really liking what I see so far of your lilies

  11. I love the mug rug and your quilt is looking interesting. The stained glass effect applique is lovely.

  12. I love the look of stained glass quilts! Never tried them though...
    Thanks for linkng! I hope it's bringing you extra traffic. : )


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